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Functional Requirements
 Mains Supply 85 Vac to 265 Vac 24 Vdc    
 Function Switch Continuous Measurement  
 Outputs (if switch) Relay Open Collector    
 Outputs (if continuous) 4-20 mA Relay Local Display  
 Converter Mounting Integral with Probe Remote    
Operating Conditions
 Temperature Min. C Max. C    
 Pressure Min. bar Max. bar    
Material Characteristics
 Specific Weight
 Material Liquid    Slurry Solid
  Viscosity:     Low Medium   High Size: mm
  Foam:            Yes  No Moisture:  Varies  Constant
  Splashing:   Yes  No
Turbulence: Yes  No
Is electromagnetic charge introduced by
moving material: Yes  No
 Fumes Yes No    
 Conductive Highly Mildly Not Conductive  
 Corrosive Highly Mildly Not Corrosive  
 Abrasive Highly Mildly Not Abrasive  

 Material does not affect

PVC Nylon PTFE  
Mild Steel Aluminium SS 316  
Other Requirements
 Container Material Metallic Non-Metallic    
  Max. weight that can be hung from container Kg.    
 Material is conveyed in Pneumatically Other; Please specify
 Material is conveyed out Pneumatically Other; Please specify
 Material Flow rate In m3/hr Out m3/hr    
 Protection IP 67 IP 68 Ex-proof  

 Intrinsic Safety

No Yes Hazardous area classification


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