Toshbro Controls Pvt. Ltd. Toshbro Controls Pvt. Ltd.


  • Over 30 years of experience in offering a wide range of solutions for various applications in the cement industry
  • Proven installations in plants throughout the country
  • Approved by major cement contractors & consultants in the country.
  • Products conforming to international standards.
  • Wide Network of offices and channel partners ensuring efficient & prompt support services

Application Examples

Level Detection/Measurement
  • Primary crusher to avoid bridging at the crusher mouth
  • Belt Conveyor system to ensure continuous flow of materials
  • Pre-blending silos to ensure continuous supply of raw materials
  • Kiln Exhaust Gas Dust Silo to prevent harmful dust particles from entering the environment
  • Clinker bed depth to ensures efficient use of energy & maintain optimum clinker quality
  • Clinker silo for environment safety
  • Finished cement silo for overfill prevention

  • Kiln-Feed to monitor flow of materials
  • Vertical roller mill to ensure continuous supply of cooling media
  • Flow Measurement of mill additives to ensure consistency of the finished cement
  • Flow Measurement in the pump house to monitor consumption of plant water

Solid Flow
  • Pulverized coal into the preheater cyclones to prevent high explosion risk
  • During truck loading to ensure optimal truck filling without weigh bridge

Speed Measurement
  • Captive power plant to ensure proper running of Turbine and Proactive Safety System for the Turbine

Broken Bag Detection
  • Packing plant to ensure safety of the environment by controlling dust emissions

Dust Measurement
  • Detects & measures dust emission at bag filters


Vibrating Fork Switch for Overfill Prevention at Packing Plant Vibrating Fork Switch for Overfill Prevention at Packing Plant Electromagnetic Flowmeter at Cooling Plant Electromagnetic Flowmeter at Cooling Plant

Products Offered

  Flow Measurement
Electromagnetic Flow Meter
RF Capacitance Open Channel Flow Meter
Open Channel Flow Meter - Ultrasonic Transmitter
Solids Flow Measurement
Flow/No-Flow Detection (FlowJam)
  Level Measurement
Vibrating Fork Level Switch
RF Capacitance Level Switch
RF Capacitance Level Transmitter
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter - Compact (MLU 860)
Radar Level Transmitter
Electromechanical Level Indicator
  Pressure Measurement
Pressure Measurement Measurement
  Speed Measurement
Speed Measurement Measurement
  Solid Handling
Dust Measurement (ProSens)
Solid Flow Measurement
Flow/No-Flow Detection (Flowjam)
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