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Capacitance Level Sensors (Rod Probes)


The Capacitance Level Sensors by Toshbro Controls is offered with a wide selection of probes. These probes are available in user specified lengths up to 3500 mm.


Capacitance Level Sensors (Rod Probes) - TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

  • General Purpose A part insulated rod probe is used for all general-purpose applications.
  • High Temperature- A ceramic rod probe capable of handling high temperatures.
  • Corrosive Application- A fully insulated rod probe is used for corrosive applications with all wetted parts of corrosion resistant material.
  • Application with Build-up In case of applications where there is a possibility of material build-up, the active shield probe is used.
  • Hygienic Applications For use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, probes with sanitary fittings are available.
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