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XA8 132R 04- Level Switch with flameproof housing



XA8 132R 04- Level Switch with flameproof housing - TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

Type of protection Ex de IIC T6 | EPS 09 ATEX 1238 X
Nominal Pressure ANSI cl. 300
Operating temperature -29C to max. 330C
Ambient temperature -40C to +40C
Density of liquid min. 0.7 kg/dm
Operating differential 12mm, fixed
Wetside Material stainless steel (CrNiMo/316 equiv.)
Flange Material
          Seal part stainless steel (CrNiMo/316 equiv.)
          Slip-on flange carbon steel (H II), zinc galvanised, passivated
Housing Material seawater resistant, die cast aluminium and stainless steel (tube)
Flange DN 3", PN cl. 300, ANSI B16.5
Flange facing raised face
Switch element microswitch SPDT with silver contacts
Switch rating 250 VAC, 5 A     30 VDC, 5  A
Enclosure IP67


  • Nominal Pressure up to ANSI cl. 2500
  • All stainless steel version
  • Material wet side in Hastealloy C
  • Material wet side acc. to NACE (max. 22 HRC)
  • Enclosure IP68
  • Microswitch with gold plated contacts
  • Switch element: proximity switch
  • Flange facing: male, tongue, groove and ring joint
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