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The HG-10 is a completely automatic temperature and humidity calibration system, which can be used to calibrate humidity sensors over a wide range of temperatures and humidities. PC control allows start, end values, ramp speeds and dwell times to be selected following which the system automatically tracks the desired humidity/temperature profile and records the measured and reference values.
The complete system comprises of a compressor, drier, humidity generator and an cooled mirror device as a reference instrument.



  • Humidity Range:1 to 95 % rh (-50 to +50șC dew point)
  • Temperature Range:-10 to +50șC
  • Accuracy:±0.5 % rh - displayed
  • Power Supply:220/240 V 50 Hz
  • Operating Temperature:+5 to +40șC
  • Inlet Gas Supply: Air 10 lpm at 0.7 barg
  • Chamber Size: 800Wx700Dx1600H mm
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