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Liquidew EExd


Liquidew EExd is purpose designed, flameproof certified solution to on-line continuous moisture measurement for petrochemical liquid applications. Liquidew EExd is wholly installed in the hazardous area, so simplifying site installation and retrofits. The instrument uses an extensive list of saturation concentration data pre-programmed for a variety of petrochemical liquids, with provision for easy entry of custom characteristics data by the user.



  • Moisture Content: ppmw
  • Temperature Measurement - Thermistor.
  • Accuracy 0.2C
  • Operating Pressure - Max. 50 Barg
  • Calibration Range - -100C dp to +20C dp
  • Measurement Range - -120C dp to +30C dp (0.001 ppmw to saturation)
  • Sample Flow - Up to 1 litre per minute (0.1-0.2)recommended
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