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Flow/No-Flow Detection (FlowJam)

Flow/No-Flow Detection (FlowJam)

The FlowJam detects all kinds of bulk solid flows with regard to material movement. The FlowJam distinguishes between the following switching conditions
  • material flow
  • material jam/standstill resp. empty pipe
The system works contactless by using microwaves, whereby the material movement is detected by means of the Doppler’s principle.

Flow/No-Flow Detection (FlowJam) - APPLICATION EXAMPLES

  • Monitoring of raw meal cyclones in Cement Plants
  • Monitoring of screw-conveyors in Gypsum Plants
  • Monitoring of coal dust in steel plants
  • Monitoring of material flow on conveyor belt
Flow/No-Flow Detection (FlowJam)

Flow/No-Flow Detection (FlowJam) - FEATURES

  • Detects through material build up.
  • Simple installation.
  • Suitable for high temperature upto 1100°C and pressure upto 20 Bar.
  • Detects & monitors flow/no-flow conditions of bulk solids in pipelines, ducts & air sides and transfer points of chutes, conveyer belts & bucket elevators.


Flow/No-Flow Detection (FlowJam)
Flow/No-Flow Detection (FlowJam)
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