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Humidity Calibrators

Humidity Calibrators

A wide range of humidity generators are available offering ease of use and fast response for humidity sensor calibration or precise controlled-humidity generation for laboratory process. The humidity generators and calibration systems all use the same basic components and humidity generation principle of volumetric mixing of dry and wet gases.


Humidity Calibrators - APPLICATION EXAMPLES

  • Metrology
  • Calibration of Dew Point 
  • Relative Humidity 
  • Refractive Index Measurement 
  • Mass Laboratory Correction 
  • Mass Flow Compensation 
  • Environmental Control
Humidity Calibrators

Humidity Calibrators - FEATURES

  • Manual selection, push button or computer control
  • -100 to +85 C dp range capability
  • Precision flowmeter or mass flow controller operation
  • High stability and repeatability
  • Simultaneous Calibration of Multiple sensors
  • Suitable for both Probe type as well as box type sensor
Humidity Calibrators

Humidity Calibrators - MODEL NAME

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