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Moisture in Liquids

Moisture in LiquidsMoisture in Liquids

Continuous on-line measurement allows control of process moisture conditions to achieve optimum production efficiency. The moisture in liquid analyzers offered by Michell is a complete package for the critical applications for moisture measurement in organic liquids in the petrochemical refineries and power plants. Typical applications include measurement in Hexane, Transformer Oil, Butane, pentane, Benzene and other hydrocarbon liquids.


Moisture in Liquids - APPLICATION EXAMPLES

  • Natural Gas & Petrochemicals
  • Natural Gas Production and Processing 
  • Metering of Gas 
  • Gas Storage Facilities 
  • Refinery Recycled Gas 
  • Pipeline Drying 
  • LNG Plant
Moisture in Liquids

Moisture in Liquids - FEATURES

  • Online analysis providing fast response to moisture changes
  • EExd flameproof certified - ATEX and CSA
  • Complete hazardous area installation
  • Single, dual or multi-channel measurements
  • 0.001 ppmw to saturation range capacity
  • Pre-programmed and user entered saturation concentration values
  • Remote global access options
Moisture in Liquids

Moisture in Liquids - MODEL NAME

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