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Overspeed Protection System


Availability and highest Safetyare the key words describing the over speed protection solutions for expensive machines. Since Real-time speed measurement is essential to continuous monitoring, the less than 10 ms reaction time provides a fast shutdown in emergency times before damage can occur to the machine and human being causing huge monitory loss. An extensive range of advantages are available for over speed protection and speed measurement system.


Overspeed Protection System - APPLICATION EXAMPLES

  • Single and dual shaft steam turbine protection
  • Multi shaft aero derivative gas turbines
  • Common solution for combined gas / steam turbine solutions
  • Compressor over speed protection in chemical plants
  • Pump monitoring and control
  • Hydro electric power stations
  • Demanding marine applications
Overspeed Protection System

Overspeed Protection System - FEATURES

  • Fast response time less than 10 ms
  • Highest safety IEC 61508 SIL 3 and API 670.
  • On line Self Testing of Modules and sensors.
  • Hot module exchange without shut down.
  • Voting logic as per your requirement.
  • Redundancy function
Overspeed Protection System
Overspeed Protection System
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