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Broken Bag Detection (Dusty)


DUSTY is a filter guard, working on the principle of triboelectronic technology..
The Dusty has been designed for reliable broken bag detection without delay. The user will be immediately informed if there are possibly defects at the dust filter.
Dusty is usable in all metallic channels in which dust particles should be detected


Broken Bag Detection (Dusty) - APPLICATION EXAMPLES

  • All clean gas and dust conduits
Broken Bag Detection (Dusty)

Broken Bag Detection (Dusty) - FEATURES

  • Working on proven Tribolectric priciple
  • Auto set up ( plug & play)
  • Reliable broken bag detection
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


Measurement Range

From 0.1 mg/m

Process temperature

Max. 140 C

Ambient temperature

- 20+ 60 C


max. 2 bar

Gas velocity

Min. 4 m/sec

Output signals

2 solid switching contact states
3-colour LED in the front cover

Broken Bag Detection (Dusty)
Broken Bag Detection (Dusty)
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