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Bulk Density Measurement (Dens-M)


The bulk density of solids is an important process parameter in a lot of operations in which solids will be handled.Dens M is used for online and continuous measurement of bulk density for free-flowing solids. The Dens-M sensor can be installed into the container by a flange plate (usually in a small hopper).


Bulk Density Measurement (Dens-M) - FEATURES

  • For on-line measurement of bulk density of solids material.( powders, granulates, dust etc)
  • Working on microwave, non-invasive technology.



Ambient temperature -20 +60 C
Medium temperature -20 +80 C
Working pressure Max. 1 bar
Working frequency 100 kHz
Accuracy 25 % in calibrated measuring range
Evaluation Unit
Operating temperature -10 +45 C
Current output Density: 4 20 mA; Load < 500 Ω
Bulk Density Measurement (Dens-M)
Bulk Density Measurement (Dens-M)
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