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Bulk Flow Measurement (Maxxflow)

Bulk Flow Measurement (Maxxflow)

Bulk flow measurement is an important measuring parameter in all major applications and industries where powder and granular material is being transported. The instrument offered for Bulk Flow Measurement 'Maxxflow' is a measuring system developed for the measurement of high flow rates.

Due to its completely open cross-section and its small height, the Maxxflow is applicable everywhere, where so far only complex mechanical solutions like impact weighers or sensing plate systems were possible. The installation of the Maxxflow is made in vertical and inclined pipes.  


Bulk Flow Measurement (Maxxflow) - APPLICATION EXAMPLES

  • Rotary valve/Screw feeder
  • Elevator/ Air Chute
Bulk Flow Measurement (Maxxflow)

Bulk Flow Measurement (Maxxflow) - TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

Ambient temperature : -20 ... +60 C
Medium temperature : -20 ... +80 C
Working pressure : Max. 1 bar
Accuracy : 13 % in calibrated measuring range
Evaluation Unit:
Supply voltage : 230 VAC, 50 Hz / 24 VDC
Power consumption : 12 W
Operating temperature : -10 +45 C
Output Flow rate : 4 20 mA
Velocity : 4 20 mA
Load : < 500 Ω
Bulk Flow Measurement (Maxxflow)

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