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Dust Measurement (ProSens)

Dust Measurement (ProSens)

ProSens has been designed for a reliable dust measurement in clean sectors after filters. ProSens can be utilized at the following problem definitions:

  • Broken Bag Detection 
  • Trend Monitoring
  • Emission Measurement 

ProSens can be used in all metallic channels and pipes with a diameter up to 4000mm.


Dust Measurement (ProSens) - FEATURES

  • Working on proven Tribolectric priciple
  • Dust emission monitoring from 0.1mg/m3 to 1000g/m3 & trend monitoring
  • Suitable for high temperature upto + 700C
  • Certified for Dust & Gas protection, ATEX, EEx i


Measurement objects

Solid particles in a gas flow

Particle size

0.3 μm or larger

Measurement range

0.1 mg/m 1000 g/m


Max. 700 C
EX: max. 350 C


Max. 2 bar

Gas velocity

Min. 4 m/sec

Ambient temperature

- 20+ 45 C

Output signals

Relay: 5 A, 24 VAC/DC (301  Isolated: 420 mA

Dust Measurement (ProSens)
Dust Measurement (ProSens)
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