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Tank Level Indicator


Toshbro Control's Tank Level Indicator with float is used to measure and indicate tank liquid level in in oil refineries, oil depots, chemical and fertilizer plants, food industries etc.

The Tank level Indicator can be used with Floating Roof Tank, Cone Roof Tank as well as underground tanks.



  •  Liquid Petroleum Products
  •  High Viscous Oils & Varnishes
  •  Edible Oil
  •  Corrosive Liquids
  •  Effluent & Chemicals 
Tank Level Indicator

Tank Level Indicator - FEATURES

  • Highly Reliable
  • Can be used with analogue to digital converter for transmission of tank level
  • Different types of floats available for use in various applications
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Maximum operating range is up to 30 m.
Tank Level Indicator


Tank Level Indicator - MODELS

    MLF 500

    MLF 1000

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