Leak Locate 320

Multi-Chamber Filter Performance Monitor

The LEAK LOCATE 320 PLUS is a digitally networked, multi-compartment baghouse monitoring system providing remote observation of the condition of bag and cartridge filters.

The LEAK LOCATE 320 serves primarily to detect filter damages or incoming filter breaks at an early stage. The key advantage of the LEAK LOCATE 320 system is the ability to locate the filter selection where the damage occurred. 

The LEAK LOCATE 320 is a valuable filter maintenance tool:

  • giving advance warning of filter deterioration
  • enabling users to make significant savings in spares, maintenance time and lost production time
  • reducing the likelihood of large-scale emission events


  • Proactive multi chamber filter monitoring
  • Identification of upcoming filter damages
  • Identification of the filter chamber affected by filter breakage
  • Reduction of material- downtime and maintenance costs
  • Flue-gas temperatures up to 150 °C (optional 250 °C)
  • For dry applications
  • 4 sensors inclusive
  • Expandable up to 32 sensors
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • External connections: USB 2.0 (type A), ethernet (RJ45/100 Mb/s)
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  • Technical Specifications
  • Operating Principle


  • Ambient Air Temperature:    -20 ... +50 °C
  • Stack Gas Temperature:    125 °C standard or 250° C option
  • Stack Connection:    1½ BSPT, ½ BSPP, NSPM, NPT
  • Enclosure Rating:    IP 65
  • Rod Length:    100 mm to 1000 mm
  • Air Purge Connection:    ½ inch BSPP
    •                                 ½ inch NPSM
    •                                 1½ inch BSPT or NPT



  • Power Requirements:    24 V DC (from PLUS-Controller)
  • Sensor probe check:    Automatically (optional)
  • Number of sensors:    4 up to 32 sensors
  • Ambient Air Temperature:    -20 ... +45 °C
  • Power Requirements:    100 ... 240 V AC, 1 A
  • Data-Logs:    Impulse (4 hours @ 1 s for 4 sensors)
  • Ethernet:    ModBus TCP
  • Outputs (standard):    1 x RS 485 (ModBus RTU)
  •                                       4 Relais (2 A @ 250 V, user configurable)

LEAK LOCATE 320 uses the electrodynamic measurement principle. If the dust to be measured is constant, then the generated measuring signal is proportional to the dust concentration, even if there are dust deposits on the measuring probe. Experience shows that the measuring method provides very exact results with little required maintenance.

A complete measuring system consists of these components:

  • Welded casing to serve as a sensor receptacle
  • LEAK LOCATE 320-sensor