QMA 401

Trace Moisture Analyzer

The QMA 401 trace moisture analyzer is designed to provide reliable, fast and accurate measurement of trace moisture content in a variety of applications where keeping moisture to a minimum is of critical importance.

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  • Measurement range: 0.1 to 2000 ppmV
  • Accuracy: ±10% of reading from 1 to 2000 ppmV 0.1 ppmV between 0.1 and 1 ppmV
  • Repeatability: ±5% of reading from 1 to 2000 ppmV ±0.1 ppmV between 0.1 and 1 ppmV
  • Power supply: 85 to 264 V AC, 47/63Hz
  • Operating environment: +5 to +45°C up to 90% RH
  • Sample gas temperature: 0 to +100°C
  • Sample flow requirement: 300ml/min total flow @ atmospheric pressure
  • High purity gas production 
  • Air separation plants 
  • Semiconductor CVD chamber cleaning 
  • Semiconductor etching chambers 
  • H2 coolant for generators 
  • Polymer chip drying

The Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) technology for moisture measurement is based on monitoring the frequency modulation of a hygroscopic-coated quartz crystal with specific sensitivity to water vapor.

Bulk adsorption of water vapor onto the coated crystal causes an increase in the crystal’s effective mass, modifying its oscillation frequency in a very precise and repeatable manner. The frequency change is in direct proportion to the water vapor pressure in the sample gas, providing a direct measurement of moisture content. The sorption process is fully reversible with no long-term drift effect, giving a highly reliable and repeatable measurement.