Liquidew EExd

The Liquidew EExd offers complete trace moisture measurement, applying a robust sensor technology to provide direct, accurate, on-line measurements for moisture dissolved in process liquids. 

Liquidew EExd is a purpose designed, certified explosion proof solution to on-line continuous moisture measurement for petrochemical liquid applications. The analyzer is installed directly in the hazardous area, simplifying site installation and retrofits.


  • Naphtha feedstock to isomerization catalyst 
  • Hexane solvent in HDPE and LDPE process 
  • Benzene in styrene manufacture 
  • LNG LPG production and product checking 
  • Diesel and aero fuels to avoid liquid water phase separation 
  • BTX process monitoring — benzene, toluene and xylene 
  • Ethylene and proylene feed to polymer process 
  • Butadiene for the manufacture of synthetic
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  • Moisture Content: ppmw
  • Temperature Measurement: - Thermistor.
  • Calibration range: –100 to +20°Cdp
  • Measurement range: –120 to +30°Cdp
  • Accuracy: ±0.2°C
  • Operating Pressure: - Max. 50 Barg
  • Sample Flow: - Up to 1 litre per minute (0.1-0.2)recommended

Liquidew EExd utilizes the Ceramic Moisture Sensor technology with integrated temperature measurement, offering unrivalled reliability and performance in natural gas and petrochemical installations world-wide.

Thick and thin-film semiconductor technologies with metallized ceramics produce an exceedingly durable sensor, with the physical resilience to provide long-term reliable service in liquid phase measurements.