Liquidew I.S

Moisture in Liquid Analyzer

Liquidew is a new concept in the measurement of moisture in hydrocarbon liquids, providing continuous, on-line monitoring over a wide temperature range. This allows precise real-time measurement and control of process moisture conditions without the need for collection and analysis of liquid samples in a laboratory.

Liquidew can be configured for use in safe or hazardous area. A wide variety of non-polar liquids can be measured continuously, on-line, including fl ammable liquids and hazardous area applications, petrochemicals, power industry and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


  • Online analysis providing fast response to moisture changes
  • EExd flameproof certified - ATEX and CSA
  • Complete hazardous area installation
  • Single, dual or multi-channel measurements
  • 0.001 ppmw to saturation range capacity
  • Pre-programmed and user entered saturation concentration values
  • Remote global access options
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  • Measurement Range: -100 to +20 ºC dew point (or 0 to 10,000 ppmW)
  • Accuracy: Dew point: ±1°C between –60 and +20°Cdp
  • Moisture content: ±10% of reading 
  • Dew point: ±2°C between –60.1 and -100°Cdp
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to +60 ºC
  • Flow rate: 0 to 10 ln/min
  • Range: -100 to +20 ºC dew point
  • Analogue Output: 4-20 mA isolated 
  • Naphtha feedstock to isomerization catalyst 
  • Hexane solvent in HDPE and LDPE process 
  • Benzene in styrene manufacture 
  • LNG LPG production and product checking 
  • Diesel and aero fuels to avoid liquid water phase separation 
  • BTX process monitoring — benzene, toluene and xylene 
  • Ethylene and proylene feed to polymer process 
  • Butadiene for the manufacture of synthetic rubber