Dew point Calibration

It is important that all instruments are re-calibrated regularly to maintain accuracy and traceability. Toshbro Controls represents Michell Instruments, UK for their Dew Point Range in India and their unique Calibration Exchange Programme guarantees:-

  • No Downtime
  • Extended One Year warranty
  • Reduced Expenses
  • Calibration Traceability to NPL, U.K & NIST, U.S.A

We recommend calibration/exchange of all dewpoint sensors once in a year to ensure optimum performance. The exchange sensor shall come duly calibrated at Dew point calibration Lab of M/s Michell instrument U.K and the same is traceable to NPL, UK.

Before the re-calibration of an instrument is due, the customer orders an Exchange Sensor with us. Once the customer receives the exchange sensor at their premises, the original sensor is removed and replaced with the Exchange Sensor. The original sensor has to be returned to us with 15 days of receiving the exchange sensor. All calibration data is stored within the sensor, and each sensor comes with a traceable calibration certificate as standard. 

Thus a traceable re-calibration is achieved with the minimum of cost, down time and disruption.