Model ALC 810 - Compact

For OEM's and for installation in restricted places

This model is especially suited for installation in restricted spaces. The electronics is enclosed in a compact housing and is integrated with the probe as a single unit. These instruments are ideal for OEM’s


  • Offered with a wide range of probes to suit the needs of the various applications.
  • Field selectable fail-safe mode.
  • Adjustable time delay.
  • Available in customer specified lengths up to 20m.
  • Integral as well as remote mounted versions available
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  • Mains supply : 18 Vdc to 30 Vdc
  • Output : Relay, Open collector
  • Response Time : < 1sec
  • Ambient temperature : -20 to 60° C
  • Process temperature : up to 80° C; Optional: up to 450° C
  • Housing : Cast Aluminum  
  • Protection : IP 65
  • Liquids – Water, Acids, Juices, Alkalis, Oils
  • Slurries – Coal Slurry, Sugar Syrup, Ore Slurry
  • Pastes – Fruit Pulp, Gum, Chocolate, Molasses
  • Dry Powders – Cement, Fly ash, Coffee Powder, Milk Powder, Chemicals
  • Solids – Food Grains, Fertilisers, Sugar crystals, Coal, Limestone

The RF Capacitance Level Switch works on the field proven RF Technology. A RF signal is applied to the probe and the tank (reference). A change in the level results in a change in the admittance between the probe and the tank. This change is detected by the electronics and an alarm generated.