About Us

Company Profile
Toshbro Controls is one of the leading companies in India offering effective solutions for process measurement and control. The company traces its roots to the dawn of independence in India and has grown and evolved with the changes in the process instrumentation field.

Over the years we have brought to India some of the best technologies in the field of instrumentation. We partner with a number of leading domestic and international companies offering a wide range of products that conform to international standards.

Our Strengths

  • A Rich Lineage
    • Involved in the business of instrumentation since 1948
    • 3rd Generation Family Business
  • Pioneers in the field of instrumentation
  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio
    • Representing international companies  with expertise in specialized products
    • Backed with local support
  • Dedicated Services
    • Offering wide range of services from pre-purchase to post purchase
    • Trained Service engineers in every region