Raw Materials Handling Plant

Level Detection Capacitance Level Switch for high level alarm in Raw Material bunkers of Limestone,Dolomite, Iron-ore, Flux etc. Reliable measurement despite build-up & dust.

Chute Jamming Detection

Level Detection RF capacitance Switch with Ceramic Probes to prevent and detect blockages at Chutes & other transfer points .

Flow Detection Microwave based Flow/No-Flow Indicator to detect material movement of Bulk Solid Flows

Sinter Plant

Level Detection Level Switches for high/low level detection in multiple bins of Iron-Ore,Flux, Coke etc.

Solid Flow Measurement Solid Flow Meter to continuously measure flow of sinter dust

Pellet Plant

Level Detection Level Switches for storage silo

Solid Flow Measurement Solid Flow Meter to measure the quantity of Pellet dust which is carried out pneumatically

Coke Oven Plant

Moisture Measurement Continuous Moisture Measurement of Coal to ensure efficient combustion and uniform heat distribution inside the furnace

Flow Measurement For wet Quenching Unit

Level Detection For Coal Blending Bunker & Storage Silos

Blast Furnace

Solid Flow Measurement(PCI Lines) Flow metering of coal & coal dust in dense stream to ensure equal distribution in all lances(main line as well as individual lance lines).

Flow Detection(PCI Lines) Flow/No Flow Detection to detect blockage/leakage in individual tuyeres of coal dust

Flow Measurement Electromagnetic Flow meter to measure cooling water at Inlet & Outlet of Tuyeres, to enable faster leak detection and avoid unnecessary shut down.

Bag Filter Hopper

Dust Measurement Dust Monitoring at outlet of the bag filter to monitor for leaks, for preventive maintenance & to avoid breakdowns.

Level Detection Vibrating Forks for High & Low Level Detection of Coal Dust in Hoppers


Flow Measurement Avoids over/under cooling of molten steel and thus prevents the appearance of cracks/tears on the final product

Level Detection Level Switch for de-watering sumps

Utilities, DM Plant/Water Treatment Plant

Flow Measurement Electromagnetic Flowmeter to Monitor consumption of plant water in Pump House.CE approved & designed to IEC standards.

Level Measurement Capacitance/Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for measurement of liquids in storage tanks & sump

Captive Power Plant

Speed Measurement Ensures proper running of turbine and proactive safety system for the turbine

Flow Measurement Electromagnetic Flowmeter for flow msmt. of raw water

Level Detection Capacitance Level Switches with High Temp. Probes for High Level Detection of Fly-Ash in E.S.P Hoppers to prevent spillage & cause environmental hazards

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Open Channel Flow Measurement Ultrasonic Transmitter for Open Channel Flow Measurement

Flow Measurement Electromagnetic Flowmeter suitable for use with treated and untreated Effluents. The lining of the Flowmeter is of PTFE and a range of electrodes are available.

Lime Plant

Chute Jamming RF Capacitance type level switch to avoid spillage and wastage of materials, man-power & downtime.

Level Detection Capacitance Level Switch for high level alarm in Limestone, Dolomite silo. Reliable measurement despite build-up & dust.