Coal Handling Plant

Level Measurement Continuous Level Measurement in Raw Coal & Pulverized Coal Bunker to ensure steady supply of raw material

Level Detection For Overfill Prevention in Coal Storage Bunker & Hoppers

Moisture Measurement Online Moisture Measurement of Coal on Conveyor Belt

Steam Boiler

Flow Detection Flow/No Flow indication of coal in the coal feeding pipelines to the boiler

Solid Flow Measurement To achieve balancing of coal flow distribution in the coal pipes feeding pulverized coal to the boiler .

Steam Turbine & Turbo Generator

Speed Measurement Rotational Speed Sensors - Hall & Electromagnetic type to measure the performance of turbine

Speed Measurement Pole Wheels (Single or 2 piece) & Pole Bands for large diameter shafts

Speed Measurement SIL rated Overspeed detection system for rotating machinery

Lube Oil Plant

Level Detection Capacitance Switch with part insulated rod probe for level detection in Lube Oil Sumps

Level Measurement Capacitance Transmitter with Full Insulated Rod Probe to measure Level in Water Tank for Cooling Lubricating Oil

Cooling Tower

Flow Measurement Magnetic Flowmeter to measure flow of cooling water

Level Detection Capacitance Level Switch to detect low level of lubrication oil to the bearing of cooling fan.

Water Treatment Plant & DM Plant

Level Measurement Capacitance transmitter for continuous measurement of Raw Water in underground sump

Flow Measurement Electromagnetic Flow Meter in Inlet & Outlet Side to measure the flow & total consumption.

Level Measurement Capacitance Level Transmitter to continuously measure the level of water in DM Water Storage Tanks

E.S.P Hopper

Dust Detection To detect leaks in bag house filters critical to a plant’s operations & to prevent environmental hazards

Delsulphuraziation Plant

Level Detection Vibrating Fork for Overfill Prevention in lime silos to ensure trouble free operation

Solid Flow Measurement Solidflow Meter for flow measurement of lime stone powder being pnuematically conveyed for reduction of sulphur dioxide in flue gases

Level Detection Vibrating Fork Level Switch to measure high/low level in Gypsum Storage Vessel /Ammonia tank

Chute Jamming Detection

Level Detection RF capacitance Switch to prevent and detect blockages at Chutes & other transfer points

Flow Detection Flow/No-Flow Indicator to detect material movement of Bulk Solid Flows on conveyer belts

Open Channel Flow Measurement

Flow Measurement Ultrasonic Transmitter for Open Channel Flow Measurement