Milk Heating System - Pasturisation

Flow Measurement Sanitary Electromagmetic Flowmeter with Complete Stainless Steel Construction and Tri-clamp Connections

Effluent Treatment Plant

Flow Measurement Electromagnetic Flowmeter to measure raw water, cooling water, treated & untreated effluent and process water flowing in closed pipes

Milk Silos and Tanks

Level Measurement Intelligent Pressure Transmitter for measurement in Milk Receiving Tanks,Balance Tanks,Storage Tanks, Product Process Tanks(Milk, Yogurt,Whey etc.),Buffer Tanks for Cheese Making, CIP Storage Tanks

Level Switch for Liquids Microprocessor based Level Switch with Hygieneic connections for maximum and minimum level detection of liquids in tanks & silos.

CIP System

Flow Measurement Electromagnetic Flowmeter with PTFE Lining and SS316L or Hastalloy C electrodes for measurement of Acids in CIP

Pressure Measurement To monitor the pressure in the pipelines from the CIP Cleaning System.

Packing Section

Continuous Dust Measurement To detect dust going out of the cyclones. For preventive maintenance and to avoid breakdowns.

Milk Powder and Dairy Whitener

Moisture Measurement Online Moisture Analyzer for continuous moisture measurement. Can be installed in screw conveyor or bin.

Level Detection Vibrating Fork Level Switch for level detection in Milk Powder or Dairy Whitner