Nivogauge - Tank Level Indicator

Float Actuation type Level Indicator

Toshbro Control's Tank Level Indicator with float is used to measure and indicate tank liquid level in in oil refineries, oil depots, chemical and fertilizer plants, food industries etc.

The Tank level Indicator can be used with Floating Roof Tank, Cone Roof Tank as well as underground tank.

This mechanical gauge provides high reliability with high accuracy. It is suited for measurement in medium and large size tanks. The instrument offers reliable operation even with corrosive as well as aggressive acids as well as with liquids with fumes. 


  • High Reliability
  • High Accuracy
  • Can be used with analogue to digital converter for transmission of tank level
  • Different types of floats available for use in various applications
  • Special Version for Corrosive applications
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Application Examples

  • Measuring level in Engine Oil Storage Tank

    Measuring level in Engine Oil Storage Tank

  • Level Measurement in Raw & Final Product Tank in Chemical Industry

    Level Measurement in Raw & Final Product Tank in Chemical Industry

  • Technical Specifications
  • Applications
  • Operating Principle
  • Literature
  • Indication: Pointer and Dial
    • Option: Mechanical Counter
  • Range: 30 m max.
  • Accuracy: ± 2mm
  • Least Count: 1 mm
  • Ambient temperature: -20 to 60° C
  • Process temperature: + 200°C max.
  • Float Material: SS 316
  • Housing: Cast Aluminium
  • Protection: IP 65
  • Liquid Petroleum Products
  • High Viscous Oils & Varnishes
  • Edible Oil
  • Corrosive Liquids
  • Effluent & Chemicals 

The instrument comprises of a mechanical guage that works with a float to accurately measure the level of liquid in a tank. The liquid level is transmitted by means of a tape connected to float on one side and gear mechanism on the other side. The gears rotate the pointer on a dial or counter mechanism to display readings.

A drum and spring mechanism provides constant tension on tape to keep it straight and thus balancing the force due to apparent float weight on one side and spring tension on other side.