Ultrapure Water Storage Tank

Level Measurement
RF Capacitance Transmitter with Tri-clamp Connection for measurement of ultra pure water in tanks

Solvent Storage Tank

Level Measurement
RF Capacitance Transmitter for measurement of level in various solvents such as Toluene, Benzene, Methanol, Cautic Lye etc. The product is certified for installation in Ex-proof zones

Fluidized-Bed Dryer

Dust Monitoring
Dust Monitoring at outlet of the bag filter to monitor for leaks, for preventive maintenance & to avoid breakdowns.

Moisture Measurement
Continuous Moisture Measurement on screw conveyors, hoppers and belt conveyors


Flow Measurement-Liquids
Electromagnetic Flowmeter to measure Flow of raw water or cooling water. CE approved and designed to IEC standards.

Level Measurement
Level Measurement of DM water

Effluent Treatement Plants

Flow measurement
Electromagnetic Flowmeter suitable for use with treated and untreated Effluents. The lining of the Flowmeter is of PTFE and a range of electrodes are available.


Pressure Measurement
Stainless Steel Pressure Transmitters with aseptic connections and polished wetted parts, suitable for CIP & SIP Proceses for many applications.