Over-speed Protection System

Maximum Security without sacrificing system availability

Availability and highest Safety are the key words describing the over speed protection solutions for expensive machines. Since Real-time speed measurement is essential to continuous monitoring, the less than 10 ms reaction time provides a fast shutdown in emergency times before damage can occur to the machine and human being – causing huge monitory loss. An extensive range of advantages are available for over speed protection and speed measurement system


  • Fast response time less than 10 ms
  • Confirms for safety application upto SIL3
  • On line Self -testing of Modules and sensors.
  • Hot module exchange without shut down.
  • Voting logic as per your requirement.
  • Redundancy function
  • 3 status & 4 limit relays per channel
  • Isolated analogue outputs with scale  able ranges
  • 3 level password protection
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  • Technical Specifications
  • Applications

The FT 3000 is comprised of modules that are configured in a 19“ rack to suit the particular application. A measurement channel may be just a FTFU 3024 motherboard or a combination of motherboard + FTV 3090 relay card + FTW 3013 analog card

  • Single and dual shaft steam turbine protection
  • Multi shaft aero derivative gas turbines
  • Common solution for combined gas / steam turbine solutions
  • Compressor over speed protection in chemical plants
  • Pump monitoring and control
  • Hydro electric power stations
  • Demanding marine applications