General Purpose-Peramic

The "Peramic" is a solid state, all stainless, pressure transmitter based on a ceramic pressure sensor. The amplifier system is based on a single integrated circuit that ensures a perfect linearity in the 4-20 mA output. Zero and spans are internally adjustable in wide ranges and a local indicator is available as an option.

The "Peramic" has the latest state of the art planar technology which results in a very compact construction, it is made for pressure applications in liquids, gases and vapours.

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  • Power Supply: 12 to 40 Vdc
  • Accuracy: ± 0.2% of adjusted span
  • Outputs: 2 wire, 4-20 mA.
  • Range: 0.2 to 350 bar
  • Ambient temperature: -30° C to +70° C
  • Process temperature: -20° C to +80° C
  • Wetted parts measuring cell: AISI 316L
  • Diaphragm material: Ceramic sensor

Absolute and relative pressure measurement of gas, steam, vapour and clean liquids