Model ALC 830 - General Purpose Capacitance Level Switch

For most of typical applications

Our General Purpose Capacitance Level Switch, Model ALC 830 is simple to use and offers all the essential features. This capacitive switch for point level detection can be used for most of the typical applications such as minimum or maximum detection, overfill prevention, leak detection etc.

The Capacitance level Switch is available with remote monitoring also.


  • Offered with a wide range of probes to suit the needs of the various applications.
  • Field selectable fail-safe mode.
  • Adjustable time delay.
  • Available in customer specified lengths up to 20m.
  • Integral as well as remote mounted versions available
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  • Mains supply : 85 Vac to 265 Vac
  • Output : Relay, Open collector
  • Time delay : 2 to 30 sec adjustable
  • Response Time : < 1sec
  • Ambient temperature : -20 to 60° C
  • Process temperature : up to 80° C; Optional: up to 150° C
  • Housing : Cast Aluminium  
  • Protection : IP 67
  • Liquids – Water, Acids, Juices, Alkalis, Oils
  • Slurries – Coal Slurry, Sugar Syrup, Ore Slurry
  • Pastes – Fruit Pulp, Gum, Chocolate, Molasses
  • Dry Powders – Cement, Fly ash, Coffee Powder, Milk Powder, Chemicals
  • Solids – Food Grains, Fertilisers, Sugar crystals, Coal, Limestone

The RF Capacitance Level Switch works on the field proven RF Technology. A RF signal is applied to the probe and the tank (reference). A change in the level results in a change in the admittance between the probe and the tank. This change is detected by the electronics and an alarm generated.